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Oil seal AS 160x185x10 Viton

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Oil seal type AS, with a garter spring and a dust lip. 
Material: fluororubber Viton (FPM, FKM).
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Oil seal  AS 160x185x10 Viton
Oil seal  AS 160x185x10 VitonOil seal  AS 160x185x10 VitonOil seal  AS 160x185x10 VitonOil seal  AS 160x185x10 Viton

Fluororubber properties: 

Excellent resistance to mineral oils, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as hydrocarbons containing chlorine,  concentrated and dilluted acids, weak alkalis. Its excellent heat resistance (up to +200°C), as well as cold resistance (-30°C),  depending on the type of seal, along with its good mechanical properties and remarkable aging resistance, place fluororubber well above the traditional synthetic rubbers. It is especially suitable for high peripheral velocity applications. 




- excellent heat resistance within a wide temperature range: from -30°С to 200 °С

- superior resistance to oil and fuels as compared to other rubber types

- the only highly elastic rubber which is resistant to aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons 

- negligible gas permeability 

- excellent weather and ozone resistance 

- excellent acid resistance to both concentrated and dilluted acids 

- good resistance to weak alkalis 

- low swelling in water 



- limited flexibility in cold conditions

- limited tensile and tear strength

- limited wear resistance 

- high compression set in hot water

- poor resistance to polar solvents