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Oil seal AS 64x82x8 NBR

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Oil seal type АS (104), with a garter spring and a dust lip.
Material: nitrile rubber NBR.
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Oil seal AS 64x82x8 NBR
Oil seal AS 64x82x8 NBROil seal AS 64x82x8 NBROil seal AS 64x82x8 NBR

Rubber properties - Acrylnitrile-butadiene rubber NBR:

NBR rubber demonstrates excellent resistance to the effects of mineral oils. It also provides particularly good results with hydraulic oils, grease, diesel fuels plus other aliphatic hydrocarbons, diluted acids and alkaline solutions that do not contain aromatic or chlorinated additives. Its excellent mechanical properties, such as high resistance to pressure and abrasion, high stability and good temperature resistance (-20°С to +120 °С), ensure a wide application range for this rubber. 



- good oil and fuel resistance (especially to hydraulic oils)

- good working temperature range: -20°С to +120 °С in oil

- good resistance to pressure

- good wear resistance and high tensile strength

- low swelling in water



- poor weather, light and ozone resistance 

- poor resistance to polar fluids 

- poor resistance to chlorinated hydrocarbons 

- poor resistance to aromatic fluids